Savannah gets a kiss from Enrique -- but she wasn't the only one!

Aug. 19, 2011 at 12:00 PM ET


Savannah's breath was almost taken away this morning after Enrique Iglesias kissed her on the cheek!

"OK! You know what? Interview's over," she joked after the peck on the cheek.

The conversation turned a bit racy after she asked about his lyrics.

"I'm sure you listen to racier music, late at night," Enrique said as Savannah giggled. "We're kind of having a moment here," our anchor said. 

Watch the interview and the "I Like It" performance below! 

Al and Natalie later teased Savannah about the "moment." Savannah blushed and said wistfully, "I love you, Enrique!"

Savannah, however, wasn't the only lucky fan to steal a kiss from Enrique this morning.

One woman who Enrique pulled on stage snuck a quick peck on the cheek while he sang

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